2004Survey Methodologies

The 2004 NPS marked the beginning of a collaboration between the CFPC, the CMA and the Royal College to work together to build a knowledgebase of data on physicians in Canada.

Response Rates

A separate database pertaining to all eligible survey respondents was developed in order to assess the comparability and representativeness of the survey respondents to the total physician population. This data  was also used  to develop statistical weights to be applied to each stratum and age grouping within the 2004 survey results.

From the CMA Masterfile, physician age, sex, province, language, and year of MD graduation were captured, along with an indication of whether the individual completed the questionnaire. No names or addresses were collected and archived  in this separate database.

In total, 61,751 physicians in all provinces and territories were asked to reply to the 2004 NPS, 31,965 family physicians/general practitioners (FPs) and 29,786 specialists. Nearly 22,000 physicians across Canada completed the 2004 survey for a response rate of 35.85%. Response rates for residents and medical students were also over 30%.

In-depth specifics about the Survey methodology including questionnaire design, data collection, response rates, weighting of results and survey administration are available. Please contact us for details.