2014 Results for Nova Scotia.

The following questions were presented to and completed by physicians (family physicians and all other specialists) in Canada in 2014. Questions marked “FP”, were asked of family physicians/general practitioners only, while those marked “SP” were only asked of all other specialist physicians.

Nova Scotia Demographics PDF
Q1: Are you (select all that apply): PDF
Q2: Would you describe yourself as a: PDF
Q2i (Other Specialists Only): Select the specialty/sub-specialty certificate that is most closely related to the main area of your current practice: PDF
Q3: Your year of birth: (Age) PDF
Q4: You are: (Sex) PDF
Q5: Do you provide patient care? PDF
Q5i: How is your MAIN patient care setting organized? Check only one. (Note that a solo or group practice could also include another health professional who does not have her/his own caseload). PDF
Q5ii: With respect to your MAIN patient care/practice setting, describe the population PRIMARILY served by you in your practice. Check only one. PDF
Q6a: What best describes your work setting(s)? Check all that apply. PDF
Q6b: Of the settings identified in Q6a, which is your PRIMARY work setting? Check only one. PDF
Q7: When you are capturing information about your patients, do you: PDF
Q7i: What are your reasons for not using electronic records? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7ii: Are you planning to use electronic records in the next 2 years? PDF
Q7iii: What ELECTRONIC functions are you planning to use in the next 2 years? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7iv: How long have you been using electronic records in your practice? PDF
Q7v: Where do you access electronic records for your patients? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7vi: If you access electronic records in various locations, can you access the same electronic record from different settings? PDF
Q7vii: Which of the following barriers have you experienced in accessing electronic records? Check all that apply. PDF
Q8: Please indicate which of the following ELECTRONIC TOOLS you use in the care of your patients. Check all that apply. PDF
Q9a: Has the use of an electronic record in your practice provided any of the following clinical benefits? Check all that apply. PDF
Q9b: How has the quality of the patient care you provide changed since electronic records were implemented? PDF
Q9c: Since electronic records were implemented, the productivity at your medical practice has: PDF
Q10: Do you share anonymous electronic record data with other organizations for the following purposes? PDF
Q10i: With which organizations do you share anonymous electronic records? Check all that apply. PDF
Q11: Can patients in your practice: Check all that apply. PDF
Q12: Do you refer your patients to any websites? PDF
Q12i: Please specify for what purpose. Check all that apply. PDF
Q13: Do you recommend any mobile applications (Apps) to your patients? PDF
Q13i:Please specify for what purpose. Check all that apply. PDF
Q14:Have you ever used a mobile application (App) for your medical practice? PDF
Q14i:Please list up to three favourite mobile applications (Apps) you have downloaded for your medical practice. PDF
Q15:Do you manage chronic diseases in your practice? PDF
Q15iDo you use any electronic tools to manage your patient’s chronic conditions? Check all that apply PDF
Q16: Are you compensated for email consultation with your patients or other physicians? Check all that apply. PDF
Q17:Do you use any telehealth or telemedicine technologies in your practice? PDF
Q17i:How do you use telemedicine/telehealth technologies? PDF
Q18:Rate your access to Electronic Health Records (EHR): PDF
Q19:Do you have a practice website? PDF
Q19i:Are you planning to have a practice website in the next 12 months? PDF
Q20:Do you use any of the following? Check all that apply. PDF
Q21:Do you use social media professionally to: PDF
Q22:Do you provide any on-call services? PDF
Q22i:Estimate your average number of on-call work hours per month: PDF
Q22ii:Estimate how many of your on-call hours each month are actually spent in direct patient care (e.g., phone, email, face-to-face): PDF
Q23:EXCLUDING ON-CALL ACTIVITIES, how many HOURS IN AN AVERAGE WEEK do you usually spend on the following activities? Assume each activity is mutually exclusive. PDF
Q24:Where did you complete your medical training? Select ONE location per category. PDF