2014 National Results by Sex and Age Group – All Results

The following questions were presented to and completed by physicians (family physicians and all other specialists) in Canada in 2014. Questions marked “FP”, were asked of family physicians/general practitioners only, while those marked “SP” were only asked of all other specialist physicians.

National Demographics PDF
Q1: Are you (select all that apply): PDF
Q2: Would you describe yourself as a: PDF
Q2i (Other Specialists Only): Select the specialty/sub-specialty certificate that is most closely related to the main area of your current practice: PDF
Q3: Your year of birth: (Age) PDF
Q4: You are: (Sex) PDF
Q5: Do you provide patient care? PDF
Q5i: How is your MAIN patient care setting organized? Check only one. (Note that a solo or group practice could also include another health professional who does not have her/his own caseload). PDF
Q5ii: With respect to your MAIN patient care/practice setting, describe the population PRIMARILY served by you in your practice. Check only one. PDF
Q6a: What best describes your work setting(s)? Check all that apply. PDF
Q6b: Of the settings identified in Q6a, which is your PRIMARY work setting? Check only one. PDF
Q7: When you are capturing information about your patients, do you: PDF
Q7i: What are your reasons for not using electronic records? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7ii: Are you planning to use electronic records in the next 2 years? PDF
Q7iii: What ELECTRONIC functions are you planning to use in the next 2 years? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7iv: How long have you been using electronic records in your practice? PDF
Q7v: Where do you access electronic records for your patients? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7vi: If you access electronic records in various locations, can you access the same electronic record from different settings? PDF
Q7vii: Which of the following barriers have you experienced in accessing electronic records? Check all that apply. PDF
Q8: Please indicate which of the following ELECTRONIC TOOLS you use in the care of your patients. Check all that apply. PDF
Q9a: Has the use of an electronic record in your practice provided any of the following clinical benefits? Check all that apply. PDF
Q9b: How has the quality of the patient care you provide changed since electronic records were implemented? PDF
Q9c: Since electronic records were implemented, the productivity at your medical practice has: PDF
Q10: Do you share anonymous electronic record data with other organizations for the following purposes? PDF
Q10i: With which organizations do you share anonymous electronic records? Check all that apply. PDF
Q11: Can patients in your practice: Check all that apply. PDF
Q12: Do you refer your patients to any websites? PDF
Q12i: Please specify for what purpose. Check all that apply. PDF
Q13: Do you recommend any mobile applications (Apps) to your patients? PDF
Q13i: Please specify for what purpose. Check all that apply. PDF
Q14: Have you ever used a mobile application (App) for your medical practice? PDF
Q14i: Please list up to three favourite mobile applications (Apps) you have downloaded for your medical practice. PDF
Q15: Do you manage chronic diseases in your practice? PDF
Q15i: Do you use any electronic tools to manage your patient’s chronic conditions? Check all that apply PDF
Q16: Are you compensated for email consultation with your patients or other physicians? Check all that apply. PDF
Q17: Do you use any telehealth or telemedicine technologies in your practice? PDF
Q17i: How do you use telemedicine/telehealth technologies? PDF
Q18: Rate your access to Electronic Health Records (EHR): PDF
Q19: Do you have a practice website? PDF
Q19i: Are you planning to have a practice website in the next 12 months? PDF
Q20: Do you use any of the following? Check all that apply. PDF
Q21: Do you use social media professionally to: PDF
Q22: Do you provide any on-call services? PDF
Q22i: Estimate your average number of on-call work hours per month: PDF
Q22ii: Estimate how many of your on-call hours each month are actually spent in direct patient care (e.g., phone, email, face-to-face): PDF
Q23: EXCLUDING ON-CALL ACTIVITIES, how many HOURS IN AN AVERAGE WEEK do you usually spend on the following activities? Assume each activity is mutually exclusive. PDF
Q24: Where did you complete your medical training? Select ONE location per category. PDF