2013 Results for New Brunswick.

The following questions were presented to and completed by physicians (family physicians and all other specialists) in Canada in 2013. Questions marked “FP”, were asked of family physicians/general practitioners only, while those marked “SP” were only asked of all other specialist physicians.

New Brunswick Demographics PDF
Q1: Are you (select all that apply): PDF
Q2: Would you describe yourself as? PDF
Q2i (FP/GPs Only):Is your practice focused in any of the following areas? PDF
Q2i (Other Specialists Only): Select all of your current certifications (specialties, sub-specialties): PDF
Q2ii (Other Specialists Only): Select the specialty/sub-specialty certificate that is most closely related to the main area of your current practice: PDF
Q2iii (Subspecialists Only): Select the statement that best describes your scope of practice: PDF
Q2iv (Other Specialists Only): Select the focus of your practice and describe the focus: PDF
Q3a: In the last TWO years to what extent have you experienced change in the following: PDF
Q3b: Rate YOUR access to the following: PDF
Q3c: Are there any clinical, therapeutic, diagnostic, or procedural activities within the domain of your discipline carried out by "other" health professionals? PDF
Q3ci: Please specify up to three health professionals and the components of your specialty domain they provide. Results for the components of your specialty domain provided by other health professionals are available upon request. PDF
Q4: Describe your current employment situation. PDF
Q4i: How will you address your underemployment or unemployment within the next TWO years? Check all that apply. PDF
Q5: With reference to the LAST 2 YEARS, check all the changes you have already made. PDF
Q5: With reference to the NEXT 2 YEARS, check all the changes you are planning to make. PDF
Q5i (FP/GPs Only): If you added an area of focus, what area did you focus your practice in? PDF
Q5ii (FP/GPs Only): If you plan to add an area of focus/special interest, what area are you planning to focus in? PDF
Q6a: In the last year, approximately what proportion of your professional income did you receive from these payment methods? Note: TOTAL MUST EQUAL 100%. PDF
Q6b: Are you remunerated for teaching beyond payment for clinical services? PDF
Q6bi: What is the source of your teaching remuneration? Check all that apply. PDF
Q7: Do you provide patient care? PDF
Q8: How is your MAIN patient care setting organized? Check ONLY ONE. PDF
Q9: With respect to your MAIN patient care/practice setting, describe the population PRIMARILY served by you in your practice. Check ONLY ONE. PDF
Q9ii: Was there a return of service provision attached to your first practice location? PDF
Q9iii: Did you receive an incentive (financial or otherwise) to set up your current practice? PDF
Q9iv: Do you currently or will you eventually receive a retention bonus to remain in your community? PDF
Q9v (FP/GPs Only): Are the majority of your patients rostered? PDF
Q9vi: What improvements would most influence you to remain in rural practice? Check ALL that apply. PDF
Q10: Do you have active hospital privileges? PDF
Q10i: Does the lack of active hospital privileges negatively affect your practice? PDF
Q11: Do you use or refer patients to any of the following services for Mental Illness? PDF
Q11: Do you use or refer patients to any of the following services for Diabetes? PDF
Q11: Do you use or refer patients to any of the following services for Cancer Care? PDF
Q11a (Internal Medicine Specialists Only): Do you engage in extended (long-term) supervision of your patients suffering from chronic diseases? PDF
Q12: Do you use electronic records to enter and retrieve clinical patient notes in the care of your patients? PDF
Q12i: How long have you been using the electronic records in your practice? PDF
Q12ii: Since electronic records were implemented, the productivity at your medical practice has: PDF
Q12iii: How has the quality of the patient care you provide changed since electronic records were implemented? PDF
Q13: How many hours per week do you spend completing administrative forms on behalf of your patients (e.g. third party insurance forms)? PDF
Q14: Do you provide on-call services? PDF
Q14i: If you provide on-call services, estimate your average number of on-call work hours per month: PDF
Q14ii: If you provide on-call services, estimate how many of your on-call hours each month are actually spent in direct patient care (e.g., phone, email, face-to-face): PDF
Q16: How many weeks (out of 52) did you work last year? PDF
Q17a: What best describes your work setting(s)? Check ALL that apply. PDF
Q17b: Of the settings identified in 17a, which is your primary work setting? PDF
Q18: Rate your satisfaction with these aspects of your practice. PDF
Q19: Where did you complete your undergraduate medical training? PDF
Q19: Where did you complete your MOST recent post-graduate medical training? PDF
Q20: In what year did you become licensed to practice medicine in Canada for the first time? PDF
Q21: Do you hold any other post-graduate degrees? PDF
Q21i: Please indicate all post-graduate degrees. PDF
Q22: Your year of birth: (Age) PDF
Q23: You are: (Sex) PDF