2007 Medical Students by Year of Study.

The following questions were presented to and completed by medical students in Canada in 2007.

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A. About You.
Q1: Age. PDF
Q2: Sex. PDF
Q3: Marital status. PDF
Q4: Do you have children or are you or your partner expecting a child? PDF
Q5: Select the ONE statement which best describes the environment in which you grew up prior to university. PDF
Q6: In which province(s) or territories did you grow up prior to going to university? PDF
Q7: Ethnicity. PDF
Q8: Were you born in Canada? PDF
Q9: How many years of POST-SECONDARY education did you complete before beginning medical school? PDF
Q10: Beyond secondary school, what degrees/ diplomas did you complete prior to entering medical school? PDF
Q11: At which university are you currently doing your medical training? PDF
Q12: Of all of the possible careers, what led you to select medicine? PDF
Q13: When did you decide that you would like to be a doctor? PDF
B. Training.
Q14: Please indicate your overall sense of satisfaction with your current medical education program. PDF
Q15: Please indicate if any of the following are an area of interest for you. PDF
Q15: Please indicate if any of the following has already been covered during your medical training. PDF
Q16: Please indicate your level of familiarity with the work carried out by the following health care providers: PDF
Q17: To this point in your medical education, please indicate your satisfaction with the exposure you have received to the different medical specialties. PDF
Q18: To what extent do you agree that your medical training program has prepared you (or will prepare you) to select a residency training program? PDF
C. Future Practice/Work Setting Profile.
Q19: At this time, which area of specialty do you hope to enter? PDF
Q20: At this time, in which of the following do you hope to be involved? PDF
Q21: At this moment in time, do your future medical career plans include any of the following? PDF
Q22: Please indicate the languages that you could comfortably speak with your future patients. PDF
Q23a: For you, what factors do you think will be most important in having a satisfying and successful medical practice? PDF
Q23b: Please indicate which of the factors in 23.a is the one most important factor for you to have a satisfying and successful medical practice. PDF
Q24: The following statements address the role of alternative/complementary medicine in health services. Please check the category that best describes your opinion for each of the following: PDF
D. Future Professional Income.
Q25a: If you had a choice, how would you prefer to be paid for your services as a physician? What components would you want included in a blended payment method? PDF
E. Finances.
Q26: How much did the level of tuition and other fees affect your choice of which medical school(s) to apply to? PDF
Q27: How much did being able to afford the cost of living in the city where the school was located affect which medical school(s) you chose to apply to? PDF
Q28: Have you held any paying jobs (part-time, occasional, etc.) during the current academic year? PDF
Q29: Please indicate the amount of debt you had and/or expect to have at various times in your medical education, as indicated below. PDF
Q30: To what extent do you believe that the amount of financial assistance available to you through grants and loans from either the government or university institutions, meets your actual financial need? PDF
Q31: Which of the following best describes your financial situation? PDF
Q32: Have you sought or do you plan to seek financial counseling through your medical school? PDF
F. Family.
Q33: What certificates, diplomas, or degrees did your parents obtain? PDF
Q34: Please indicate the category that best applies to your parents’ occupations. PDF
Q35: Are any of your immediate family members working in medically related jobs? PDF
Q36: What is your best estimate of the total income, before taxes and deductions, of your parental household in the last 12 months? PDF