Record level access

At the discretion of the National Physician Survey (NPS) Technical Advisory Committee, a non-publishable database may be provided for “independent, scientific study” only, as defined and applied by the Technical Advisory Committee.  Where a specific research question exists, the related data fields may be provided to external researchers in SPSS format.

Databases available:

Databases may contain responses for specific provinces, specialties, age groups etc. as they relate to the following NPS questionnaires:

Who is Eligible

  • CMA Divisions, CFPC Chapters, affiliated societies/ national specialty societies, committees of the National Physician Survey Co-leader organizations (CFPC, CMA, RCPSC), university medical departments, government, provincial governments, licensing authorities, regional health authorities, researchers/research groups and individual physicians.
  • Medical students, medical residents, graduate students - proposals may be considered if the requested record-level data is needed for thesis or dissertation work in a related area.


As with the cost-recovery arrangement outlined in the Data Release Policy for completing NPS data requests, requests for access to NPS databases may also be subject to similar charges:

The CFPC, CMA, and Royal College may charge for access to partial NPS databases and completing data requests on a cost-recovery basis. Depending on the nature of the request, limited information may be available at no cost. However, if the request is more in-depth, a base administration fee of $300 and a $120/hr analyst cost-recovery fee may be charged. Base administration fee will be charged only once in relation to each project/request.

Information requirements

Please send the following information to Dragan Kljujic, National Physician Survey Research Analyst, at

  1. Description of research project
  • Project title
  • Project description
  • Data elements being requested (please refer to the questionnaires for specific question numbers)
  • Data analysis to be conducted
  • Ethics review – Please attach a copy of research ethics approval.   Otherwise please explain why ethics review was not sought or completed.
  1. Location/facility where analysis will be conducted
  1. Listing of individuals requiring access to the requested database:
  • Salutation (e.g. Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr)
  • Name
  • Position/Title
  • Organization/Affiliation
  • Mailing address
  • Daytime phone number
  • E-mail address
  1. Duration of the proposed research
  1. Personal qualifications
  • Brief explanation of how requestor’s academic preparation, work experience and/or skills will enable him/her to undertake this research.

Details on Release of Data

All data releases must comply with the following Privacy and Confidentiality of Information parameters:

Please note the following restrictions to the usage/distribution of NPS databases:

  • Access to a NPS database and the ensuing results are not available for commercial, marketing, or for-profit purposes.
  • Redistribution of raw or tabular data from NPS databases to any third parties by the requestor, or by anyone else associated with their project is strictly forbidden.
  • No linkages of the NPS database with other research databases (electronic, probabilistic, or otherwise) will be permitted.
  • The database provided under the terms of the contractual agreement between the NPS and the requestor, shall not be used for any purposes other than those delineated in the contractual agreement and the associated research activity identified in the proposal, without the express consent of the NPS project manager.
  • For statistical accuracy purposes, data will not be published or disclosed where the group/cohort of interest has fewer than 30 respondents. For respondent confidentiality purposes, for aggregate data where the cell size is from 1 to 4, or such other number which could, in the reasonable opinion of the disclosing Party, result in the disclosure of Confidential Personal Information, analyses will be flagged, and the decision of whether to suppress the data or not be based on the nature of the data and whether it could compromise Confidential Personal Information.

It is understood that:

  • The NPS database will be kept and used in the location/facility agreed to by the requestor and the NPS project manager.
  • The NPS database will be used only by the individuals agreed to by the requestor and the NPS project manager.
  • The NPS database will be kept by the requestor for the time period agreed to by the requestor and the NPS project manager and then destroyed/returned as appropriately determined.

NPS databases may only be provided after the signing of a detailed contractual agreement between the parties wishing such access (requestor) and the CFPC, the CMA, and the Royal College, over the signature of the CFPC’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, the CMA’s Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer, and the Royal College’s Chief Executive Officer. The contractual agreement will specify that the party receiving the non-publishable database will adhere to the provisions for the preservation and protection of physician confidentiality and personal information.

Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Requestors must provide the NPS project manager with a copy of the final research results, and any resulting publications. Any publications of data or analyses resulting from research using the NPS data must cite the National Physician Survey as the source of the data (see Data Disclaimer – Referencing the NPS for appropriate acknowledgements) and must indicate that the results or views expressed are those of the author(s).


The time it takes to process the request will depend on the nature of the request, the time to secure external consent for data release (where applicable) and the volume of other data requests.

For More Information

Dragan Kljujic

National Physician Survey Research Analyst

College of Family Physicians of Canada

2630 Skymark Ave., Mississauga ON L4W 5A4

Phone : (905) 629-0900 ext. 436

Toll-free : 1-800-387-6197 ext. 436

Fax : (905) 629-0893


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