Custom data request

If you require record level data from any part of the National Physician Survey, please use the data request form below to request specific tabulations.

Physicians, residents, and medical students, healthcare researchers and any interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to study the data collected by the Survey. Customized data tabulations are also available for research purposes.

Record level access is also available is specific cases. More information about record level access.

While Survey data remains the property of the CFPC, the CMA and the Royal College, custom data requests can be made in accordance with the NPS Data Release Policy. As respondent privacy and confidentiality are imperative, the NPS adheres to a strict Privacy Policy in which limitations are placed on data requests.

For custom data requests, we will record and store your contact information in order to assist you with your request(s). We are committed to your privacy and will not provide this information to any third party unless required by law.

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