Best Laid Plans – Results of National Physician Survey Cohort Analysis.

Canadian Collaborative Centre for Physician Resources, July, 2012.

“ The National Physician Survey Cohort file comprises all the respondents to the 2007 National Physician Survey (NPS) who not only completed the 2010 survey but agreed in 2007 that their responses could be linked for longitudinal analyses. The file contains over 4,300 physicians.

This bulletin examines to what extent self-reported intentions predict actual change. Topics covered include planned reductions in workload and scope of practice, plus planned retirement from clinical practice.”

C3PR Bulletin (July, 2012, PDF)

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About The NPS

The National Physician Survey is produced by the CFPC, the CMA, and the Royal College. Our data is drawn from surveys sent to every licensed physician in Canada as well as to all Canadian medical residents and students.