Development & Goals

The overall goal of the NPS is to compile comprehensive information documenting the practices, medical education and training, and familial contexts of current and future physicians in Canada.

To achieve this goal, the Survey seeks to provide information that

  • facilitates physician workforce planning
  • forms health care stakeholder organizations and training programs
  • supports a knowledgebase, which contains a comprehensive range of data regarding medical┬ástudents, residents, and physicians in Canada

The NPS goes to all members of the profession to enable the sharing of results by age, sex, specialty, and province.

The first Survey was developed based primarily on previous surveys conducted individually by the CFPC, the CMA and the Royal College. Since then a working group has reviewed and refined questions of each iteration with input from a variety of internal physician committees and external sources such as the Canadian Institute for Health Information, medical associations, and researchers.

For the 2012 and future surveys, the working group aims to create shorter and more focused surveys that will take place annually. The 2013 survey of practicing physicians will address employment and workload. The 2014 survey will focus on information technology.