The NPS is a periodic survey of the medical profession in Canada. We examine what it means to be a doctor in Canada, including physician hours, health, training and job satisfaction.

The FMRQ recognizes the value of the data collected from residents through the National Physicians Survey, particularly on the crucial role they play in offering high quality health care to their patients. NPS data on hours of work, access, training and medical human resources give an overview of the challenges that the next generation of health care professionals must face and the trends evolving in our health care system.

Charles Dussault, M.D., President, Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec (FMRQ).
About the survey
  • The NPS is a respected Canadian source of reliable information about the profession of medicine and issues in health care, supported by our champions.
  • The survey is sent to every medical student, resident and licensed physician in Canada. All responses are confidential.
  • Survey data is utilized by current and future physicians and a variety of health care professionals, advocates, analysts, and other researchers.


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