The CFPC, CMA and Royal College remain committed to collecting physician workforce data through other means, and will continue to work together towards improving Canada’s healthcare system.
Please feel free to contact any of us, or check out our websites, for additional physicians statistics or information on physician resource planning.

When surveying the practice profiles and work schedules of a specialty group such as Occupational Medicine, the National Physician Survey not only provides a ‘core’ set of questions on which to base your survey, but also provides information from other physician groups in Canada to which you can compare your results.  The more physicians that participate in the NPS, the clearer the picture.

Dr. Kenneth Corbet
About the survey
  • The NPS is a respected Canadian source of reliable information about the profession of medicine and issues in health care, supported by our champions.
  • The survey is sent to every medical student, resident and licensed physician in Canada. All responses are confidential.
  • Survey data is utilized by current and future physicians and a variety of health care professionals, advocates, analysts, and other researchers.


The results are in – NPS 2014 data are now available!

2014 National Physician Survey (NPS) results are now available! The 2014 NPS »

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