Congratulations to our second prize winner, Dr. Martin Betz from Ontario!

The NPS takes the pulse of Canada’s medical profession through input from Canadian physicians, residents and medical students. The data supports health care planning, research, policy, curriculum development, and advocacy.

The NPS has been a tremendous source of information for health care trends and priority interests of Alberta physicians.  It’s a valuable resource that helps us stay current with issues and priorities within Canada’s health care system.

Pam Sterling, Associate Director of Research, University of Calgary.
About the survey
  • The NPS is a respected Canadian source of reliable information about the profession of medicine and issues in health care, supported by our champions.
  • The survey is sent to every medical student, resident and licensed physician in Canada. All responses are confidential.
  • Survey data is utilized by current and future physicians and a variety of health care professionals, advocates, analysts, and other researchers.


Winner of the 2014 NPS Early Bird Prize Draw!

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